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    Does anyone know how to use html files instead of .gif or .jpeg<BR>files as rotating ads when using the ad roator component<BR>in asp?<BR><BR>For example, in the .txt file below which serves the ads, the<BR>rockies.jpg ad displays but the children.html does not.<BR><BR>WIDTH 248<BR>HEIGHT 200<BR>BORDER 0<BR>*<BR>http://****.****.com/includes/photos/children.html<BR><BR>Sample Photo<BR>50<BR>http://***.****.com/picture/rockies.jpg<BR><BR>Sample Photo<BR>50

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    so, does that .html page return an image?<BR><BR>If you did &#060;img src="/folder/image.html" /&#062; what would you see?<BR><BR>j

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