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    My machine hangs when I call document.formName.inputName.Value, (in Visual Inter Dev). Especially while calling the input value.<BR><BR>I increased the virtual memory after referring MSDN help, but this doesn&#039;t solve my problem.<BR>(My machine specs: Windows 2000 Pro/256MB Ram/600MHz)<BR>Any help is appreciated.<BR>Bala.

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    Don&#039;t call document.formName.inputName.Value then.

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    Patient: It hurts when I cough.<BR>Doctor: Don&#039;t cough then.<BR><BR>Patient: It hurts when I move my arm.<BR>Doctor: Don&#039;t move your arm then.<BR><BR>Patient: It hurts when I breathe.<BR>Doctor: Don&#039;t breathe then.<BR><BR>LOL

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    Just use the quickest, simplest path.<BR><BR><BR><BR>Besides, with the HMOs nowadays, that&#039;s about the best advice you&#039;ll get from a doctor.

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