HI,<BR><BR>I&#039;VE A PROBLEM ABOUT ASP(Active Server Pages).<BR>IN A MEAN TIME,I WROTE A ASP CODE BUT THE PROBLEM IS DATABASE.I&#039;M USING Microsoft Office 97(microsoft access).<BR>IN THE DATABASE,VERY SIMPLE ONE TABLES WHICH HAVE FIVE FIELDS INSIDE AND THESE FIELDS INCLUDING TEXT AND MEMO DATA TYPE AREA.<BR>IT IS EASY TO GET "TEXT" DATA TYPE FIELDS NO PROBLEM BUT THE PROBLEM IS TO GET MEMO DATA TYPE FIELDS&#039;S VALUE TO ASP CODES(you know,in the memo data type in database the values are written like crypted.this is what i want,i want to see these memo area become encrypted which mean decode in asp area ) THESE MEMO FIELDS INCLUDING "RTF" FORMAT WHICH MEANS THAT IT &#039;S WRITTEN IN RICHTEXTBOX CONTROL AREA MAY BE BECAUSE OF THAT ASP CAN&#039;T GET THESE VALUES CAUSE RTF.<BR>THANK YOU!<BR>please help me!<BR>PLEASE REPLY AS SOON AS POSSIBLE ! ! !<BR>and finally,if u also email(muratc50@yahoo.com) your reply i&#039;ll be grateful.