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    Default LBound function

    Just a quick question to something puzzling..<BR><BR>If: The lower bound for any dimension is always 0 with regard to MS VBScripts LBound function, why bother with a function for this if it is always 0 ?<BR><BR>JohnC

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    Default It is for VB developers...

    ...regular VB allows for 1 based lower bound arrays.<BR><BR>You are right though, this really isn&#039;t necessary in VBScript.

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    Default true, but

    we don&#039;t know until we see the function body... i.e. if it looks like this<BR><BR>Function LBound (arrTheArray)<BR> LBound = 0<BR>End Function<BR><BR>Then you&#039;re absolutely right, but they (MS) probably don&#039;t like to hard code anything, so i&#039;m guessing they devised some kind of formula<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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