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    Geeky Guest

    Default Direct Sound ??????

    How do I use Direct Sound from ASP?

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    bimbo Guest

    Default RE: Direct Sound ??????

    Um maybe use Javascript

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    POTD Guest

    Default LOL POTD!!

    sorry, you may need to just embed a wav or an mp3 into the web page, that may be the best sound you can get... good one though

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    Geeky Guest

    Default EAX

    Yes but I want to use Creative Labs 4 point surround, I cant do that without Direct Sound support.<BR><BR>While Im at it, if anyone has any wrapper for EAX in ASP let me know!

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    BANG Guest

    Default UM!!! MABYE is not an authoritative answer

    HUH? Hey, you&#039;re the knowledge base!

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    Default RE: EAX

    I&#039;m guessing you can&#039;t until ASP.NET then :)

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