Hello folks,<BR>Sorry if this message doesn&#039t belong here, I was unsure where it should be posted. I am relatively new to ASP programming so please bear with me. I have a rather large project that I am working on which I would like to bring home with me and install on my own NT server. The server appears to be configured just like the one that the projetc currently runs on, but, when I try and open the project in Interdev, on the server at home, I get errors that the server does not exist, web does not exist, etc. etc.<BR>I assume that there is some sort of magic that I have to perform to move a project from 1 server to another, I have, of course, checked Microsoft&#039s site for documentation on doing this and I have found nothing (no surprises there...). Can anyone point me in the direction of how I can reconfigure this project to work on a new server with a different name? <BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated,<BR>Mike