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    For security reasons, I need to copy an image to another location, display it to the client and then delete it. We&#039re doing this so that hackers will not be able to see the actual path in the image properties. I was trying to use the FileSystemObject to copy the image to a temp location, which works well. I then try to send the image to the client and delete it immediately after. However, the delete is occurring before the image is sent. I&#039ve tried messing with the buffer, response.flush but with no success. Does anyone out there have any ideas on how to delay the delete or any better method of doing this? We really don&#039t want a separate clean-up program running on our server. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!!!

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    Save yourself the headache of using FSO to do this. This article, by Bart Silverstein, explains how to use ASP to protect your images from bandwidth theives...<BR><BR>Protecting your Images<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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