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    I am creating a hierarchical recordset using MSDataShape. Actually, I&#039;m creating three of them on the same page. They have functioned correctly up until I added the last one, and I receive the following error:<BR><BR>MSDataShape (0x80040E14)<BR>Column (z_ID) does not exist in the appropriate rowset.<BR><BR>This particular recorset is being created from three tables...z_ID exists in two of the tables, but not the third; however I am not calling z_ID from THAT table (which is actually the parent table...c_ID relates it and the child table, z_ID relates the child with the grandchild table).<BR><BR>Here&#039;s the code:<BR><BR>cmdShape2 = "SHAPE {SELECT c_ID,c_name FROM City} " & _<BR> " APPEND ({SELECT z_ID, c_ID, z_name FROM Zip} As rsZip " & _<BR> " RELATE c_ID TO c_ID), " & _<BR> " ({SELECT p_ID, c_ID, z_ID, p_lname FROM Physician} AS rsPhy2 " & _<BR> " RELATE z_ID TO z_ID)" <BR> <BR>Set oRS2 = CreateObject("ADODB.Recordset")<BR>oRS2.Open cmdShape2, conn, adOpenStatic<BR><BR>Set oRSLoc = oRS("rsZip").Value<BR>Set oRSLoc2 = oRS("rsPhy2").Value <BR><BR>Thank You! I am thoroughly stumped with this!<BR><BR>

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    You are trying to created a parent -&#062; child -&#062; grandchild relationship, but using language that specifies a <BR>parent with two children relationship.<BR>

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