Code im using is below ......<BR><BR>there are about 15 colums in the result that i need to turn into an array that i can loop through. <BR><BR>say they all start with "ac_*" or "kp_*" how do i creat the array????? HELP <BR><BR>i have been given the following however dont understand how this will work with my seleect statement and execute fuction<BR><BR>select Firstfield, kp_field1 + &#039;,&#039; + kp_field2 + &#039;,&#039; + Kp_field3 + &#039;,&#039; ... kp_fieldn AS kp_array From main Where main.po_title =<BR><BR>now this is where i have problems... how do i do the sql =sql bit when it does not exist? and how do i execute? and is "Firstfield" just meaing this is the first field or should it be in the query? as to the "kp_fieldn". and why is there no"&#039;" in frount of the first field in teh select statement? <BR><BR><BR>set db = server.createobject ("ADODB.Connection")<BR>strProvider = "Driver={Microsoft Access Driver (*.mdb)}; DBQ=C:jeffPosition Description.mdb;"<BR><BR><BR>title=request.form("d 1")<BR>SQL2= "select * from main where main.po_title =&#039;"<BR>SQL2=SQL2 & title & "&#039;"<BR> strprovider<BR>set rs2=db.execute(sql2)<BR>