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    I have a .mdb file with all the values in different languages (japanese, chinese etc). I need to create a one file with a TABLE with the values from the db. I tried createing MS-Word document (using DOM) and it works fine. But I have lot of data in the db. It is taking hours to create file. <BR><BR>Is there any other way to simplyfy this task ??<BR><BR>Thanks in advance ...<BR>

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    Default So what i got was

    you have a table and are selecting from that table and displaying the data in a file?? Yes?<BR><BR>dont see why it should take hours from am .mdn.....after all how much data can it possible have?<BR><BR>show SOME code.<BR>

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    Default the only way to simplify it... to give up<BR><BR>if you have a lot of data in the database, it will take longer than if you have little data<BR><BR>10 &#060; 1000000000

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