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Thread: Passing info from a list to a table

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    Default Passing info from a list to a table

    So I have a list of suppliers and products. I want my users to pick and choose which products they want out of the list. <BR><BR>How do I pass the info from the form to the table if a check box can only have one value, and since a querystring only handle one supplier and one product.<BR><BR>How do I achieve my aim?<BR><BR>Thanks in advane . . .

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    Default Huh??

    Which table?? By table do you mean Db table of HTML table??<BR><BR>Need a LOT more information.<BR><BR>Brain Power.

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    Default Same answer as in the checkboxes question...

    &#060;INPUT Type="CheckBox" Name="Whatever" Value="78XG-99##Zamboni, with sprayer##Zamboni, Inc."&#062;<BR><BR>and then, in the ASP code:<BR><BR>&#060;%<BR>temp = Split( Request("Whatever"), "##" )<BR>partNum = temp(0)<BR>partName = temp(1)<BR>partSupplier = temp(2)<BR>...<BR>%&#062;<BR><BR>HOWEVER...<BR><BR >If you had a decently organized database, the part number *alone* should be all you need to pass. Because from that the DB should be able to tell you what the part name and part supplier are. <BR><BR>And who said a querystring can handle only one supplier and one product? Where&#039;d you get that from?<BR><BR>

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