I&#039;m trying to return an autonumber created after I inserted a record to the DB. Here is my SP:<BR><BR>CREATE PROCEDURE InsertNewClient2Info<BR>@fname nvarchar(50),<BR>@initial nvarchar(5),<BR>@lname nvarchar(50),<BR>@phone nvarchar(25),<BR>@ext nvarchar(10),<BR>@fax nvarchar(25),<BR>@cell nvarchar(25),<BR>@email nvarchar(50),<BR>@add nvarchar(50),<BR>@suite nvarchar(10),<BR>@city nvarchar(25),<BR>@state nvarchar(25),<BR>@country nvarchar(25),<BR>@zip nvarchar(15)<BR><BR> AS<BR><BR>Insert into Contacts ( txtFirstName, txtInitial, txtLastName, txtPhone, txtExtension, txtFax, txtCell, txtEmail, txtAddress1, txtSuite, txtCity, txtProv, txtCountry, txtCode)<BR>Values ( @fname, @initial, @lname, @phone, @ext, @fax, @cell, @email, @add, @suite, @city, @state, @country, @zip)<BR><BR>RETURN @@IDENTITY<BR><BR>First of all, is that the correct syntax for what I want to do? <BR><BR>On my ASP page, what is my synatx to execute this SP so that I can grab the return value. Here&#039;s what I think it is:<BR><BR>objComm.commandtext= "InsertNewClient2Info"<BR>objComm.commandtype = 4 &#039; stored procedure<BR>objComm.parameters(1) = ....<BR>returnval = objComm.Execute<BR><BR>Pls let me know what I should do if I&#039;m not doing it right.<BR><BR>barb