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    I am trying to pass form fields to another page to do my calculations... everything works fine but checkboxes are always "on". any suggestions?<BR>thanks in advance,<BR>michael

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    The .value of a checkbox (or radio button) is always whatever you set it to be, if that&#039;s what you mean. You have to use the .checked property to see if it&#039;s checked or not.<BR><BR>That&#039;s from client side code. From server side code, the value should be blank ("") if the box wasn&#039;t checked.<BR><BR>So be more specific and ask again?<BR><BR>Note that .value is *NOT* a valid property of a &#060;SELECT&#062; in any browser except MSIE (and maybe NS 6?), so you shouldn&#039;t be using it, either.<BR><BR>

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