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    Todd Jennings Guest

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    We are trying to replicate a problem one of our clients is having with a session time out. The server session time out settings within IIS are 30 minutes and 30 minutes within our global.asa file. During testing of our application and during use by other clients we do not have any time out problems. I was wondering if anyone knew of any other settings I could check to figure out if this was a client setting issue, or something else that I am not aware of any thoughts suggestions etc are welcomed.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Todd Jennings<BR>

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    well, sessions are actually tracked using cookies. perhaps there&#039;s a problem with the client in that it&#039;s expiring it&#039;s session ID too early....<BR><BR>j

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    Todd Jennings Guest

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    How would this happen if he has cookies enabled ? The only things I could think of would be maybe his dialup connection is dropping packets and between our firewall (Raptor 6.5) and the Webserver or DB Server we are losing the sessionid somehow. I could not find any resources or technical information on any browser that could trace the problem back to the browser. The part that makes this difficult is we have tried on multiple machines to reduplicate the error and cannot, which makes me belive the issue is client side but I need something to back this up. Do you have any ideas on how we could test the cookies, I have already had him remove all cookies, reboot and try and the problem persists.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Todd Jennings<BR>

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