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    gaboMan Guest

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    I was wondering if it is possible to communicate from a Server side ASP script to an ActiveX object residing in an HTML page.<BR><BR>The flow sorta looks like this:<BR><BR>HTML page(contains ActiveX component) -open-> HTML page(contains a form) -open-> ASP page(querystring contains form info)<BR><BR>Once I am at the ASP page, I want to take some data from the querystring and put it into the ActiveX component. Can I do this?<BR><BR>gaboMan<BR>

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    vipul suri Guest

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    You have something as "onstartpage" in visual basic,this event is triggered when your acces your session variables<BR>session("myobj")=server.createobject(,you can also access the request variables in your active x component consult the msdn for more details

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