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    I am trying to start a Christian website, I am looking for someone to code a system similiar to (email/discussion forum). If I don&#039;t hit the touchpad on accident before I finish typing this, I will include the details at the bottom. I don&#039;t have much revenue, considering I am a college student, but I will pay for the code. If you can code something like this can you send me a quote? My email is<BR><BR><BR> Creating A Group<BR> 1. Name your group<BR> 2. Group Email Address - email used to send mail (needs to be automatically made with the group name<BR> i.e.<BR> 3. Describe group<BR> 4. Choose if group is to be private/public (listed/unlisted)<BR> 5. Pick way that members sign up<BR> a. Anyone can join<BR> b. Restricted – every new member has to be approved by the group leader before they can be added.<BR> c. Only invited members can join<BR> 6. Select moderation<BR> a. Unmoderated <BR> b. Moderated - all posts must be approved by leader before added to the list<BR> c. Only the group leader can post messages <BR> 7. Select category to place the new group in – allows them to browse all pre-defined categories and select the most applicable place<BR> 8. Pick email that you want all group emails too – this will be the address the leader actually receives mail at. If he wants his mail to go to a yahoo account, all posts and replies will go there. This is the same thing members of the group will use to get their mail from the board.<BR> 9. Invite members to the group with an email<BR>a. Allow user to type in what they want the email to say<BR>b. Allow user to type in as many email addresses as they want to send out to<BR>c. Also has an option to skip the step and come back to it later<BR><BR><BR>Editing and Accessing A Group<BR>1. Group leader will sign in and be shown all of their groups.<BR>2. After group selection give options to view the group page, invite other people to the group, or go into the group editing page<BR>3. Editing Page<BR>a. List the group location (category) and all of the other option during setup. Allow the group leader to change any of the information.<BR>Each group should also have an option to use their own picture and show it on the groups message board.<BR>4. Invite users – this just gives a text area where the group leaders can type in email addressees to invite more people to the group.<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>Message Board Viewing<BR>1. To view a private board the user must be a member of that specific board. If the board is public anyone can see the board, but to post you must be in the group. To sign up for a group a user must be registered as a member. When the user signs up an email goes back to the person’s mailbox and when the person goes to the link specified the account would be activated.<BR>2. User should have the option of limiting the number of emails they receive. The emails to the user will tell them that a new message has been added to the board and give the message’s text. To respond to the post they will have to be logged on. <BR>a. Receive all email<BR>b. Receive one email per hour<BR>c. Receive one email per day<BR>d. Receive on email per week<BR>3. The board will list all posts and replies should be indented. Beside the message will be the date and time listed. If the message is new an icon will be shown. If too many posts appear on the same page many pages will be created. The posts should be most current to older and divided up by month if possible.<BR>

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    You seem to want quite a bit for your site. Have you tried playing with some of the message boards out there, instead of trying mailing lists and other more complex stuff? I chose snitz forums ( to host my message board because we were all emailing each other about 50 times a day. I&#039;ve seen this board run on small boards (mine is &#060; 50 members) to some rather large boards (+1000 users), and allows users to come out and check posts, rather than scan through email which ends up building up on their machine.<BR><BR>I would recommend trying it out. (It&#039;s free!) There are also tons of add-ons and mods to do things that the base forum does not. The web page I mentioned above will show you how it works and has links to other sites with some of the add-ons. If you like it and need help, just leave me your email address and I can point you in the right direction.

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    I agree with the above post, try out snitz. Free is good.

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    Agree, I have EZBoard as my message board.<BR>EZBoard has several contract levels.<BR>1) FREE - PopUps and Ads all over<BR>2) $20 (+-) a year to limit the PopUps and Ads<BR>3) $60 (+-) a year and no ads or popups.<BR>$60 bucks is alot cheaper than coding...<BR>Check EZBoard for exact numbers those are just rough estimates.<BR>Jay Swan

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