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    Puzzled Guest

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    I would like to understand hoe people are leveraging XML in web-based apps.<BR><BR>What are some techniques for working with XML and databases? Should you store XML data trees inside database fields?<BR><BR>???

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    Sean Guest

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    This is too broad a subject. Start with my article on :<BR>VBXML.com<BR><BR>Sean Grimaldi<BR>www.seriousconsulting.com<BR>let me know if it helps.<BR>

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    OK, checking that out now. FYI, the link to your article is:<BR><BR>http://www.vbxml.com/sql/articles/adoforxml/<BR><BR>Also, have you looked at that site in N6? The menu falls completely apart. Looks great in IE though!

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    Still Puzzled Guest

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    Sean, I have read your article and I must say that it is over my head (I am not familiar with coding VB classes). My experience is with VBscript and ASP.<BR><BR>I thought that perhaps you could explain to me (from about 90,000 feet), whether or not it is a good practice to store an xml string inside a database field.

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