Can someone tell be the best way of displaying unicode characters in an activex control? What I have is unicode characters in a SQL database, which I can correctly display on the asp using @Codepage = 650001.<BR><BR>The only way that I can think of is to do a character conversion (Hex to Decimal) for the specific language that I&#039;m working with (Hebrew) such as (using a dictionary object):<BR><BR>dHC.Add &h0000, &h00<BR>dHC.Add &h0001, &h01<BR>dHC.Add &h0002, &h02<BR>dHC.Add &h0003, &h03<BR>dHC.Add &h0004, &h04<BR>dHC.Add &h0005, &h05<BR>dHC.Add &h0006, &h06<BR>dHC.Add &h0007, &h07<BR>dHC.Add &h0008, &h08<BR><BR>For z = 1 to Len(sUniCodeString)<BR> If dHC.Exists(AscW(Mid(sUniCodeString, z, 1))) Then <BR> CharConvert = CharConvert & ChrW(dHC.Item(AscW(Mid(sUniCodeString, z, 1)))) <BR> Else<BR> CharConvert = CharConvert & "."<BR> End If<BR>Next<BR><BR>-------<BR>And then take this string and pass it to the active-x control using a uni-code font such as Lucida Sans Unicode (with the appropriate character set (177 = Hebrew)).<BR><BR>This is how I am currently accomplishing ... however, it&#039;s not very reliable, and I wish there was an easier way.<BR><BR>Any suggestions? (Nobody seems to know how to do this)<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Brian W. Ward<BR>