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    markp Guest

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    I was wondering if anyone is aware of a query wizard written in asp similar to the one provided with Access. I want users to be able to create database queries fairly easily without having to know everything about SQL -- or having to type in long, complicated queries.

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    Default Why not write your own?

    I mean, what the heck, this is the advanced forum, right? So if you started a project like this hopefully you&#039;d get help with it. And it would make a great article to be posted someplace.<BR><BR>Yes, I&#039;ve seen pages that do this, but they are all proprietary. So how about creating a freeware one?<BR><BR>

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    SQL Server Enterprise Manager and Visual Interdev both have pretty complete query-building tools.

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    Jennifer Crosby Guest

    Default RE: database queries

    I&#039;m doing this but it may be much more limited than you are thinking. You need to create an on-line query where they can choose their own values to filter by, and even tables. Works great and they don&#039;t need to know Access. I know if you go to Power ASP you can get a good example on "Forms - Populating a drop down menu with info from a database" and that&#039;s how they can choose the info for their query. I hope this helps!<BR>

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