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Thread: Netscape and asp

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    bimbo Guest

    Default Netscape and asp

    Ive heard netscape cant do asp, has anyone found a work aorund

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    django reinhardt Guest

    Default you're right

    netscape doesn&#039;t do much of anything<BR><BR>no work-around<BR><BR>you&#039;re out of luck<BR><BR>use ie

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    Default C'mon

    Cheezes ***?<BR><BR>Please Bimbo...c&#039;mon<BR><BR>Netscape is a browser and what does browser do ?<BR>They interpret HTML code and show us web pages!<BR><BR>ASP is a technologie that runs on the server and it returns some HTML to our browser which in turns interpret that

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    bimbo Guest

    Default RE: you're right

    my cousin says its the bees but shes using windows 97

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    bimbo Guest

    Default RE: C'mon

    yes but they cant do asp well netscape cant can it

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    django reinhardt Guest

    Default well, you tell your cousin...

    ...ah - never mind!

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    bimbo Guest

    Default RE: well, you tell your cousin...

    shes so dumb sometimes what can i do

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    Default RE: Netscape and asp

    What do you mean Netscape can&#039;t do ASP? <BR><BR>You can view an ASP page in Netscape. Netscape sucks, so you should do a lot of testing to make sure you&#039;re HTML gets rendered how you think it should, but you don&#039;t have to do anything special.<BR><BR>I hope you mean Netscape browser and not Server. Obviously you can&#039;t run ASP on a Netscape web server.<BR><BR>Now somebody will come along and say that it makes absolutely no difference whether you request a page with Netscape or IE. Well, that should be true... but you may notice that Netscape takes longer or just plain sucks sometimes. You&#039;ll spend 80% of your time for 10% of your viewiers if you want to support Netscape, but what can you do??

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    Read my lips Guest

    Default RE: C'mon

    ASP stands for Active SERVER page<BR><BR>The code is run on the server, and returns plain HTML that ANY browser can understand.<BR><BR>This is obviously a troll.

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    Default She's jackin' around with y'all....

    Don&#039;t waste your time answering.

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