I have an asp front end, placing info into an access DB. This is how I link my access question to an ASP forum. The reason I am posting here is the speed of answers, and most ppl on access forums, aren&#039;t as advanced. <BR><BR>I need to be able to print/store the reports from the DB. When I try to save it to MS Word, all of my images as well as some formating is lost. I hade the idea to use MS Snapshot viewer, great. My problem is that I have installed the viewer, but MS Access dosen&#039;t reconize it. I am using the proper version of Access, and I believe that I have permissions to install. I know this isn&#039;t really the best place to post, but I&#039;m sure someone out there has run into this before, or maybe a network guy can tell me what I am doing wrong. Anyhoo...thanks<BR><BR>-Ends