Lost in the DOM....again

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Thread: Lost in the DOM....again

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    Rob Lovett Guest

    Default Lost in the DOM....again

    I have a framed window and I am trying to change the page that one of the frames is looking at and I am using this line to do so.<BR><BR>kmain.document.location.href="menu.asp" <BR><BR>Unfortunately this keeps coming back with<BR>&#039;kmain&#039; is undefined<BR><BR>What have I done wrong this time?<BR><BR>Rob

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    Default Should be a *relative* referenced...

    e.g., <BR><BR>parent.kmain.xxxxx<BR><BR>or<BR><BR>parent .parent.kmain.xxxx<BR><BR>or (I think this works)<BR><BR>top.kmain.xxxxx<BR><BR>

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