does all ISP's provide slow service

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Thread: does all ISP's provide slow service

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    Default does all ISP's provide slow service

    How long does your ISP takes to answer your help request ? My employer is hosting a site with and the ISP takes atleast 5-7 days even to respond a small service request for SQL server etc. and that is also you can only get after repeated phone calls andagony emails. But they do respond to sales emails with in hours. It's really frusrating to find a relaible SQL host . Can you recommend some host. and pls let me know how long your ISP takes to reposnd to your requests.

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    Default The most recent list....

    Compiled by a user of this board.<BR>

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    It&#039;s just a list but didnt gave any details abt the services used or their customer service. usually how long does a ISP takes to respond to a customer service question?

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