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    rinku Guest

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    I am trying to store cookies on the client machine as soon as he registers himself on the site.My problem is that if iam using IE it stores the cookie in a seperate file and if i am using Netscape it is being stored in some other directory.The problem is if i have already registered using Ie as the browser,and then i open Netscape i should not be asked to register again since i already have registered and the cookie has been created.But it seems Netscape does not recognise the cookie file created by Ie.I do not know how tom solve this problem.Please help me as i need ths solution very uegently.My mail id is

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    Rokea Guest

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    You could store your users informations in a datebase and read from it whith an asp script (which would solve your problem and provide an even better way of registration since the user could destroy manually your cookies), or you could write a script to detect the type of browser (MSIE or NS) and read by yourself in the good cookies to get your info..<BR>Hope this helps..<BR>Rokea

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    rinku Guest

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    Even if i detect the client&#039s browser i would not be knowing where on his machine the cookie is stored.I am really confused as i have to cookies only.Please try to explain me in more details ,as to how this can be done<BR>

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    Rokea Guest

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    you have to know that cookies isnt a very good neither a very safe way of dealing with data on the web. You cant read from a client&#039s HardDrive.. so you cant search for cookies on his machine. The Safe and best way is through datases. Is you cant rely on that, then your stuck with cookies wich has its limitations as you can see. If the person changes his browser, you wont be able to "stop" him for sure, unless you get is IP adress and hipe that by changing browser he didnt also change is IP!... Even if you could go read on his machine.. there is always the possibility that the users could manually destroy your cookies and then re-register to your site.. so you dont have much of a choice..

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