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    Is there any way i can retrieve the time zone of the client&#039;s machine. The site&#039;s owner wants his site to be available in select countries only..<BR><BR>Please let me know.. Thanks Dudes and Dudettes in advance

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    You can receive the current date and time and GMT offset using JavaScript (Date object), however this won&#039;t allow you to track the user down to a specific country...<BR><BR>You could possibly combine this with parsing their remote IP address though. I.e. test to see if it&#039;s within a certain range of addresses. However, as this is only held at a remote server, you would have to connect to it using a TCP/IP COM object (there are some around - a tutorial on allows you to create your own).<BR><BR>It seems a bit of a strange thing to request - seeing as the Internet&#039;s meant to be global - but that&#039;s clients I guess...<BR><BR>Craig.

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