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    im making a cross join question on my sql server between 2 tables, without succes...<BR><BR>instead of writing my sql statment i think its simpler to write what i want to achive..<BR><BR>I have a login table containing all users on my site, and i have another table containing answers on diffrent surveys, now i want to get all those peopel that hasnt answer to one specified survey..<BR><BR>When answering the survey the table is updated with the survey ID and the login name of the participant. <BR><BR>does this make sence ? <BR>plz help me out! if you need more info.. dont hesitate to reply this message !

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    select * from users <BR>where userid not in (select userid from surveys)

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    tack !<BR><BR><BR>skall testa om det fungerar =D!

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