I&#039;ve got a survey that gathers up answers to about 100 questions. The answers are stored in a table in Access2K. The user is given their ID number for retrieving the record.<BR><BR>Then a query takes these answers and totals them, organizing the totals into 10 different fields. This is just to give you an idea what&#039;s going on. I have a page where the user submits their ID and it is posted to another asp page. The page being posted to will need to connect to the database, but in particular that query. I&#039;ve done tons of connections before, but a query? How hard could it be?<BR><BR>What I need is to get those ten totals into variables on the asp page. Then with each variable have a case statement. The case statement part I think I understand, however it&#039;s getting those variables out. Help!