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    I want people to be able to unsubscribe from my newsletter online.<BR><BR>If I have a form where people can type in their email address and click Remove This Address, is there a security issue?<BR><BR>That&#039;s to say, Could someone type in code that would delete many or all of my records? <BR><BR>I don&#039;t use a password system.<BR>

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    Of couse there is ??<BR><BR>if your delete code is like :-<BR>delete from tnames where email like &#039;%"&theEmailAddress&"%&#039;<BR>If I leave email blank it will delete all records .<BR><BR>U need to do some proper validation on the email address people can type in . IE make sure there is an @ symbol , the address is not blank , any the email address typed in exists in the database.<BR><BR>Most sites , If you want to unsubscribe send U back a conformation email to double check. Its probably better to process this email rather than do any deleting from the web page.<BR><BR>

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