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    Archana Guest

    Default prevent user to go back.

    &nbsp;<BR>How can we prevent a user to move back to the previous page.<BR><BR>I am having an abc.asp page with an Submit button on it.The click of this submit button calls the same page abc.asp<BR>Once submitted the form, I don&#039t want the user to move back to the previous page, instead want some &#039Alert&#039, showing that the previous page was already submitted.<BR><BR>How can I check that the user is trying to move to the previous page and prevent him to do so??<BR><BR>Do reply at Ur earliest.

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    Default No-Cache

    One way to do that would be to not Cache the webpage so if he turnes back to page wont be there (it´s usally read from the cache when using the back-button, and if it´s not the page entrys will be blank anyway)<BR><BR>maybe some help...<BR>

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    Archana. Guest

    Default RE: No-Cache

    Dear AnAx,<BR><BR>Thanx for replying.<BR><BR>I got Ur concept, but how can it be done with ASP&#039s?<BR>Can u help me with it?<BR>

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    Sagan Guest

    Default RE: No-Cache

    If all you need is a form reset, it real easy.. Just make your body tag look like this...<BR><BR>&#060;body onLoad=&#039document.form_name.reset()&#039&#062;< BR><BR>Just make sure your form has a name="form_name" property. Now whenever, even when the user hits the back button, the form should be reset to defaults values. :)

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