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    Default SMTP & CDONTS

    FINALLY!....I&#039;ve got our tech services team to sort SMTP out on our web server and my e-mailing using CDONTS works wonderfully<BR><BR>BUT....I can set ANYTHING in the "from address" and this as far as our company is concerned is a security loop hole - since anyone on the intranet I am developing coudl send an "anonymous" e-mail outside of the company.<BR><BR><BR>Is there a way for SMTP server to validate outgoing e-mail addresses we use Outlook 2000 and Exchange server? <BR><BR>If not I can see tech services coming on me like a tonne of bricks and not allowing me to use this facility.<BR><BR><BR>would appreciate any help or pointers anyone can give me.<BR>cheers

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    CDONTs supports the from attribute:<BR>objCDO.From = ""<BR><BR>If this was hardcoded in the scripts there is no way they could change it - unless they had write access to the ASP pages - you may need to explain this to Tech Services.<BR><BR>However, I take their point, I&#039;m not really up on e-mail servers but I *think* you can enable some sort of reverse lookup on the Exchange server so that it only accepts from valid e-mail addresses.

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