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    Bailey Guest

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    Hello,<BR> I&#039;m going crazy. I am trying to figure out why a page on my site only recognizes site cookies after submitting to itself. It works like this...there is a login page where a user signs in. If everything is OK with the login the buffered page opens a document into a new page by executing this JS set by the login script on the login page:<BR><BR>&#060;BODY &#060;%IF LOGIN=TRUE THEN%&#062; onLoad="openBrWindow(&#039;&#060;%=LOT%&#062;&#039 ;,&#039;document&#039;,&#039;scrollbars=yes,width= 800,height=600&#039;)"&#060;%END IF%&#062;&#062;<BR> <BR>The new page opened in the new window reads cookie information and sets the state of the page based on the cookies set in the log-in page. For some reason the page doesn&#039;t recognize the cookie values when it first exectues, or even after a reload. Only when a form field is submitted to itself does this document correctly read the cookie information. Any ideas??? Thanks a ton! Bailey

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    Bailey Guest

    Default question simplified

    I have discovered that the route of the problem is that I have a link that includes the full DNS name:&#039;http://blah.blah/mypage.asp&#039; but when it is a relative link it recognizes the cookie just fine. Is there a way to get a page loaded with the FQDN to load the cookie? I set the cookie .DOmain to the name of my site. Thanks for any help! Regards, Bailey

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