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    All good ideas, but they are all still based on the program being activated by someone visiting it. What if no one visits for days at a time, or what if I&#039;m not home to run it? The only thing that sounds like it would work would be Matt&#039;s first suggestion; except that Brinkster doesn&#039;t allow WSH. <BR><BR>The only other thing I can think of would be to follow Bill&#039;s suggestion about the components or even build one of my own and ask, beg, and plead Brinkster to accept my component. I might be able to convince them especially if I just give them the copyrights to them and let them call it their own. Possible? <BR><BR>Any other options? (Doubtful, but maybe!) =-] <BR><BR><BR><BR>Thanks Matt, Bill, et al, <BR><BR>-Michael

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