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    Is there a way to parse output from a PHP script into an ASP page? I love vBulletin which is written in PHP/MySQL and there&#039;s a script which outputs the top posts from the forum. I want to include these into an ASP page, but if I do that using the include command, I get the source-code of the PHP script to show up on the browser instead of the output produced by the script.<BR><BR>Everything is running on IIS.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Abbas

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    Default Not really...

    You can&#039;t really mix the two technologies. ASP source has to be ASP source, and vise versa for PHP...<BR><BR>Sorry.<BR><BR>btw - Leave more meaningful subjects...<BR><BR>-- Whol

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    Default Frames?

    Like Wholsea said you can&#039;t mix ASP and PHP source code. But you can use frames to show the different pages. And if you know your audience is only using IE, you could even use iframe to imbed the php page in the asp page. But then going with frames brings its own headaches...

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