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    Daniel Guest

    Default Cutting the TextArea

    I have a text area input in a form, and when it shows I want it to show only the first 200 characters. Is it possible, and how will I go about doing it?

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    Default Limit input or output?

    Do you care if the person inputs 5000 characters? If not, and you just want to limit what gets displayed when you echo the input, just use Left( Request.Form("theTextArea"), 200 )<BR><BR>If you want to limit the user input, on the fly, that has to be done with client-side JavaScript. Probably and the JS FAQ will have ideas.<BR><BR>

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    keeper Guest

    Default RE: Cutting the TextArea

    Like Bill said if you want it on the client side then use JS or on the server side use VB. You can also limit the chacters within the form itself or restrict the values in a database if you are using one<BR><BR>== keeper ==

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