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    Well i have literally red this entire page and still didn't understand....I need to make a simple feedback forms using ASP and i can't seem to get it. Well my question is, once you have made a form in html do i have to make a table for ASP data? and if i'm using option explicit does it go inside the <html></html> or outside? Like on the Guestbook i've done as it said but it didn't work..whut am i missing? can you preview ASP in any html editor? I just need a simple feedback form!! thank you!

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    keeper Guest

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    No you don&#039;t have to have a table for ASP unless any specific data is to be shown in it. The option explicit is within the VBScript command.<BR><BR>You can view ASP in quite a few editors e.g. Homesite, Dreamweaver and many more.<BR><BR>I think you need to be more explicit of what you have done and what is wrong.<BR><BR>== keeper ==

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    You can view any html, asp or any other script languages in Notepad, or simple-text<BR><BR>what is it you want to do?

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