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    I would like to select a date from a calendar instead of selecting three values day-month-year<BR>Is there anything available in VBscript for this ? <BR>Thanks for any assistance

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    Default ???

    Not quite sure what you mean. Are you looking to format the date differently like July 14, 2001 instead of 14-7-2001?

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    Default RE: ???

    No. I want to select a date as you would using Outlook

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    Default See my web page...<BR><BR>for one example. There are *tons* of such calendars out on the web, though. Just find one you like, do a "View &#124 Source" in the browser to see if it is using JavaScript, and if so grab it and adapt it to your own needs. <BR><BR>Just like you can grab mine and adapt it.<BR><BR>

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