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    Keith Fowler Guest

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    ODBC Error: Can&#039t update. Database or object is readonly. <BR><BR>The website was recently moved from one server to another. We are capable of updating or deleting from all other databases on the server. This error only occurs on the one DB. I believe it to be permissions, any one agree or have other input? Please, let me know, I&#039m already needing some Rogaine!

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    Rokea Guest

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    Permissions or maybe the Databse is in use by someone else at the time you try to open it!<BR><BR>Rokea

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    Philip Ventrella Guest

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    Definitely start with permissions, both in IIS and in NT. But, there&#039s a big problem I&#039ve had when switching over to a new box, when that new box uses the NTFS permissions. I found out that you need to stop and start the IIS system before it kicks in properly. I wasted a week to find that out, but its happened more than once.<BR><BR>Good luck.

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    Check to ensure that you are not using the Defaults that ADO provides for opening the Recordset (which would be Read only).

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    Jim Barber Guest

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    The directory in which your mdb file is placed needs to have (RWXD) permissions. When acessing the mdb file for write a ldb file is created. If the IUSR_MachineName user does not have these permissions for the directory in question the creation of the ldb file will fail or writing to the ldb file will fail. Either way you will recieve the exact message. You will need to set these permissions on your directory before you can aleviate the issue.<BR><BR>Jim Barber

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    Manish V Guest

    Default check cursor types,, use Dynamic cursor

    check cursor types,, use Dynamic cursor..hope the server supports those.

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