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    Hi everyone, <BR><BR>(this was also posted on the ASP Q&A but I&#039;m not sure if this is a question for advanced users or not)<BR><BR>This is what I&#039;m trying to build... <BR>A two-level menu system which draws from two Access tables &#039;tblMenu1&#039; and &#039;tblMenu2&#039; <BR>Both menus would be horizontal and across the top of the website (under the header of course). <BR>Essentially, I&#039;d like the first level menu to appear with all menu one items as listed in &#039;tblMenu1&#039;. Once a person clicks on a menu one item (not mouseover), I&#039;d like a second horizontal menu bar to appear below the first one filled with all related menu two items (called from tblMenu2). <BR><BR>I&#039;m not as familiar with ASP as I am with VB, so I could use some help getting started... Thank you in advance to anyone who has some tips for me.. (I just love code samples too :) ) <BR><BR>KSong

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    Default If you can create the menus...

    ...I can help with the two-level logic.<BR><BR> and look for the "cateogories" demo. It uses a pair of &#060;SELECT&#062; lists, but obviously the logic involved is identical.<BR><BR>Not sure how easy/doable it is building menus that will work on all the different browsers, but that part&#039;s your job.<BR><BR>

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