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    I have java web server 1.1.3 which is the localhost <BR> Does it support ASP3.0 if so how to work with it <BR> i.e, what the physical path mustbe given to work with it , presently iam using FrontPage 2000 or I should use <BR> notepad.where should i store the ASP Files in the <BR> webserver<BR> please slove my problem as soon as possible <BR> kindly E-mail me at

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    no, it doesn&#039;t support ASP. you need microsoft IIS or ChiliASP (or OpenASP). ASP3.0 is only supported under IIS for windows 2000<BR><BR>doesn&#039;t matter a stuff what editor you use.<BR><BR>I&#039;d advise you to grab a book and start learning that way.

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