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    Hi an thanks<BR>I need to loop through items from a datebase, and rotate through them on a page ( slide show type of thing). So I use ASP to read the database entries, and write out the whole JavaScript block, putting the database entries into a couple of JavaScript arrays, and doing the slide show function. But its messy. Especialy to get it correctly formated in the resulting source view. """"""""""""&#039;s all over the place. Is there a better way to do this? Can I put just the ASP code to read the database and assemble the arrays inside a JavaScript block?. Also, I have an applet, that reeds a few paramaters in from the database or cookies, so I do the same thing. Write the entire &#060;applet&#062; &#060;/applet&#062; code with JavaScript. (document.write) . It works OK but its messy. ( ) Is there a cleaner way to do this?<BR>Thanks<BR>Zeg

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    No, I&#039;m afraid that when it comes to mixing client side with server side script, you have already hit upon the best way to do it.

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