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    hi <BR>Thanks for your replies.. this has a long description please read it completely with patience.<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to use Software Artsians component for uploading the files on to webserver/Fileserver.<BR><BR>First and foremost having problem with server.mappath<BR>problem is as follows.<BR>I have 2 machines <BR>1. Web Server(IIS - NT 4.0)<BR>2. File Server(NT Server)<BR><BR>In the IIS machine I&#039;m having 2 virtual directories<BR>1. Web1<BR>2. Attachment<BR><BR><BR> - I want to upload the file from the clients machine to fileserver.<BR> Because the Attachment virtual directory is mapped to a different fileserver, its been given an UNC Path "\fileserverattach" which has all read, write and delete permission.<BR><BR><BR> - I do not want the user to have Anonymous access, so I have unchecked "Allow Anonymous access" check box for the virtual directory "Web1", I would like to give Anonymous access to "Attachment" virtual directory.<BR><BR>Now in my .asp file I have the code <BR>dim xx <BR>xx = server.mappath("\" & Attachment) <BR><BR>This is working if I give anonymous access to "web1" virtual directory, but this gives an error as specified below<BR>"Error -2147467259 - 006~ASP 0176~Path parameter for the mappath method didnot correspond to a know path" if I uncheck the "Allow Anonymous access" check box in the IIS Virtual directory Security hence I&#039;m not able to continue.<BR><BR>In documentation it states that <BR>"The directory on the web server must have Read, Write, and Delete NTFS permissions for the anonymous or authenticated user. Otherwise, SA-FileUp will not be able to write files into that directory. Talk to your web master about setting the appropriate permissions. "<BR><BR>Then how do I give permission for authenticated user ??<BR><BR>Please help me out.. its very very urgent<BR><BR><BR><BR><BR>In the IIS

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    I wasn&#039;t aware that SA-FileUp supported UNC paths<BR><BR>I can&#039;t find a mention of it in the docs

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    Try giving the IWAM_machinename account write read delete etc access to the web1 virtual dir!<BR><BR>This should allow the web server to write to that directory! But you are opening yourself up to hacks!<BR><BR>HTH<BR><BR><BR>

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