Server Crashed when ASP page is open!!

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Thread: Server Crashed when ASP page is open!!

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    Mohd Guest

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    I have an ASP application that does some db queries. Nothing complex. However this page when opened crashes my web server everytime! The error on the server is: "An attempt was made to write to read only memory". I swear I am not writing anything.<BR>The weird thing is when I moved this ASP application to a differrent folder, it no longer crashes the server. Why is that? The reason I&#039;m asking is that now, I have another application that is behaving the same way except this time moving it to a different folder doesn&#039;t work anymore. Anybody experiencing this? BTW, I&#039;m using Win2000 server and sql-server 7. Please help!!

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    I have never heard of such a thing!!!<BR>When you say crash, is the IIS Stoping requiring you to restart it or is SQL Server unloading or are you getting a msgbox on the server and the only recourse is to reboot? Is there an error number and/or associated file? <BR>Although I can&#039;t tell you what the problem is a possible solution might be starting from scratch or altleast reinstalling SQL Server and IIS, but from scratch might be better.<BR><BR>I did a search @ on the exact error message you described and recieved response that indicated your server might not meet the minimum requirement for windows 2000.<BR><BR>Hope this helps.

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    mbriz Guest

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    Not positive but it sounds like a hardware issue. Either Hard Drive or memory. Let us know what you find out, this is a strange one.

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    Mohd Guest

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    Thanks MikeR for your response. Here&#039;s more detail on my prob.<BR>My sql-server sits on a different machine. I have a component (VB dll & of course registered on the web server) that returns a recordset to my asp app. All my asp app does is printing the content of the recordset in a table. I know the recordset was returned succesfully to asp because when I tested it locally on the server it worked. But on the internet, that asp app only prints part of the recordset and then crashes the server. Now, when I say "crash", I mean I got the blue screen of death and messages like "An attempt was made to write to a read-only memory" appears before the server reboot itself. I&#039;ve seen similar problems on a few message boards on other site. Unfortunately there is no good answer. BTW, our server is more than capable to run Win2K. Any idea anybody before I reinstall everything. Thank you.

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