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    David Jones Guest

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    I&#039m testing an ASP app using a load testing tool. This site is for a very big and important client. The machine I&#039m using is a COMPAQ 1600-RAID 5, dual 500MHZ Pentium III&#039s, with 512MB of memory. I&#039m using MS-IIS 4.0 on Winnt 4.0(SP4). When I get around 250 concurrent users on the site the CPU utilization goes up to 100% and no pages are served. Is this expected or is just Microsoft Junk?

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    Rob Guest

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    Dave<BR><BR>There could be several things causing this. <BR>For starters, how many session variables is the web site using?<BR>Session variables lock threads and are bad for large ecommerce sites if they are not managed properly.<BR><BR>What database are you using? How many records? Is it normalized?<BR>With that amount of users at one time, you need to be using SQL<BR>if the database is constantly expanding.<BR><BR>Have you increased the threads on the CPU and ASP?<BR>NT by default comes set to 4 processing threads.<BR>Microsoft recommends increasing this to 20 for bot ASP and the CPU. Read the article below. It is very useful.<BR><BR>http://www.learnasp.com/learn/sessionoverview.asp<BR><BR>Let me know how you make out.<BR><BR>Rob<BR>taylo@mapfacts.com<BR><BR>

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