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    Steve Rowson Guest

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    I have been working through an article from this site to do multiple updates. It requires a Form with a table in it with a loop in the table. A hidden field is placed in the loop to contain the ID. I use FrontPage and every time I try to put a hidden field on the form, within the loop, FrontPage moves it into the first <form> tag when I save. How can I prevent this?

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    Bruce Clark Guest

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    Steve:<BR><BR>Either stop using FrontPage (check out HomeSite by Allaire or http://www.arachnoid.com - Arachnophilia - it&#039s free). Barring that, place this before the code you don&#039t want FP to screw with:<BR><BR>&#060;!--webbot BOT="HTMLMarkup" startspan --&#062;<BR><BR>Code to protect goes here.<BR><BR>Place this after it:<BR><BR>&#060;!--webbot bot="HTMLMarkup" endspan --&#062;<BR><BR>HTH,<BR><BR>Bruce

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