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    I am trying to retrieve data from my dynaset (Oracle OLE) by using the GetRows method, I have built my array so that it retrieves 10 records per page, it is looping through perfectly but it is duplicating the one record 10 times on the page instead of just displaying one record. This is my array:<BR><BR>data_array = oSearchDyn.GetRows(iRowcount, iPos)<BR> &#039;<BR> &#039;--------------------------------------------<BR> &#039; Now display all the data in the data_array<BR> &#039;-------------------------------------------- <BR> &#039;<BR> For row = 0 To UBound(data_array, 2)<BR> sJobID = data_array(0, row)<BR> sPriority = data_array(1, row)<BR> sStatus = data_array(2, row)<BR> sEmpSurname = data_array(4, row)<BR> sEmpName = data_array(5, row)<BR> sSurname = data_array(6, row)<BR> sForename = data_array(7, row)<BR> sRequestedDate = data_array(9, row)<BR>Can anybody help please?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!

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    What value do you get when you execute<BR><BR>response.write UBound(data_array, 2)

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