hey there,<BR>let&#039s pretend that you guys have a big text box for form entry.<BR>how would you guys maintain the format users format and put that info in the database ? I figure that would have to be done right away as soon as the person presses the upload button<BR>it would do things like <BR>sub formatandenterdatabase(usermessage)<BR>userstring= replace(usersmessage, "vbcrlf", "<BR>")<BR>userstring=replace(userstring, "&#039", "`")<BR>userstring=replace(userstring, """", "")<BR><BR>set rs.server.createobject("adovbs.recordset")<BR>mySQ L = "INSERT INTO table1 (personsresponse) VALUES (&#039" & userstring & "&#039)" <BR>end sub<BR><BR>is that the most efficient way that you guys would do it ?<BR>earl <BR>