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    keypitSimple Guest

    Default Validating Form field against a database--some wha

    I need to validate SSnums against an Oracle DB. I have a JScript,<BR>onSubmit to make sure they entered 9 digits, but can I call an<BR>.asp from the JScript to check the SSnum against the DB? How<BR>do I get back to the rest of my form, Response.Redirect? Will it<BR>take me back to the next line of the Jscript? How do I call an .asp from within JScript??? Confused.

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    Interferer Guest

    Default Keep it simple keypitSimple

    Why dont you validate clientside instead, then we all have an easier life?

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    keypitSimple Guest

    Default I would be glad to but how do I do that?

    How can I do this? The database does not reside on the client.<BR>Do you have any examples??

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    Default You can't

    what you need to do is perform as much client side testing as you can ie 9 numbers etc then submit the form to the server, there do the check on the ssn, if invalid write out the form again with an appropriate message, if valid continue processing etc. Postback forms are ideal for this type of validation, ie forms where action = same page form is on.

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    keypitSimple Guest

    Default Thanks a heap, I didn't think I could do it..

    Thank You very much. I was unaware of the samepage option on the<BR>action =. This will be a great help!!

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