hi i&#039m trying to make a message board. if anyone has any ideas in terms of the basics of message board theory I would really appreciate it.<BR><BR>please fill in the gaps okay ? <BR>let&#039s pretend that I have 1 new post. that&#039s 1 thread.<BR>I would have to represent that new thread in newthreadfield=1<BR>then i would have replies.<BR>I could represent that as the same thread number but a different message number. example:<BR>newthreadfield=1 and message id=1<BR>newthreadfield=1 and message id=2<BR>newthreadfield=1 and message id=3<BR><BR>I guess i could include additional fields for TIMESTAMP, AUTHORNAME, AUTHORMESSAGE, MessageSubject<BR><BR>then when it&#039s time for me to display the message board<BR>put the subject in 2 dimensional arrays and loop them to display the output. what do you all think ?<BR><BR>tell me your theories for a simple message board.<BR>sincerely <BR>stephen