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    Im looking to get some basic traffic stats from my homepage. As the the site is very specialised there will only be a very small number of hits. Basically looking for number of unique ip&#039;s, browser versions, screen size, page impressions, unsuccessful requests, most visited pages or at least a smattering of these. I would prefer to write these to a text file. Is this possible? As a bit of newbie to asp I don&#039;t have a clue how to do this. Any advice appreciated.<BR>ps I&#039;d also prefer not to use any third party software like webtrends.

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    I&#039;ve been working on something similar for my company&#039;s intranet. ASP has a number of built in variables you can access to give you the information you want. The following article describes how to use them, but it stores the stats in a database.<BR><BR>http://www.4guysfromrolla.com/webtech/021601-1.shtml<BR><BR>To store them in a text file, I think you&#039;ll need to learn about the FileSystemObject, but I can&#039;t help you there, never used it.<BR><BR>I think the ASP variables will give you most of what you need, except for the screen size. For that you&#039;ll need to use client-side javascript. I haven&#039;t tackled that one yet either. Good luck!

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