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Thread: ASP - ASP.Net

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    Farihat Guest

    Default ASP - ASP.Net

    Try with this site<BR>

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    STOP IT Guest

    Default Forum Ettiqutte

    Lots of people "advertise" their sites in this forum, but generally only at the end of a reply to someone elses question.<BR><BR>It&#039;s just plain rude to use this site to push what is in effect a rival to it.

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    Default ???

    who advertises there site at the end of their reply?<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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    bimbo Guest

    Default RE: ???

    I do!!

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    STOP IT Guest

    Default I for one

    See, here it is<BR><BR>

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    4guys enthusiast Guest

    Default The best forum

    The best forum for ASP developers is by far this one, here at You *could* post a message at another forum, and be answered 3 days later, or you could post here and be answered in minutes. Plus, by posting here, you&#039;re almost sure to get a good laugh as well. I&#039;m stickin with!<BR><BR>(And no, I am NOT Scott Mitchell) LOL

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    Interferer Guest

    Default The colour's crap and there's...

    only 4 people there !

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    Default (maybe why he's advertising?)

    the 4 people, that is...

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    Default I have to agree about the color....

    It would give me a headache in five minutes flat. And being on Brinkster...I&#039;d wager there won&#039;t be four people there for long. It&#039;ll be too slow, and they&#039;ll give up and go somewhere better.

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    Default Reposting question from crap

    slow forum on Brinsker, original post date 7/8/2001 (haha)<BR><BR>Session Variables how far they are eligible till the application expires. Is there any possible for the intruders to access the session contents.<BR>Help me.<BR><BR>Vignesh.<BR><BR>And I thought some of the questions posted here were crap!!.<BR>

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